What’s Your Top Goal for 2015?

Frances asked for help with focusing: “For me, the toughest thing is learning how to focus. There are just so many things to do! So many things I want to learn and become.

When I first started my career, I had dozens of things I wanted to accomplish “someday”. That was a sure recipe for feeling unfocused; being constantly busy, yet finishing the year wondering “what did I really do?”

When you reach the end of 2015 and look back, what will you want to have accomplished this year?

Do you want to make 5% progress on twenty different goals? Or be 100% successful at achieving your biggest goal for the year?

Over the years, I’ve seen how top performers focus.

They’re clear about what they want to achieve, and aren’t afraid to┬ásay “no” to activities that don’t help them meet their goals. That’s part of their secret for freeing up the time and energy to be successful at whatever they set their minds to.

Choosing just 1-2 goals is hard. The process of trimming your top goals list will teach you a lot about what’s really important to you, and what your strongest values and passions are.

Writing down your goals helps you commit to them, and gives you a clear reminder to keep you focused throughout the year.

Have you decided what your top goals are this year?

I’d love to hear them – share them in the comments below.

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One thought on “What’s Your Top Goal for 2015?

  1. Frances Advincula

    Thanks for the post! It forced me to really think about what I am trying to accomplish and to work, not just harder, but smarter.

    What bothered me the most was the fear of missing out on learning other things, but what you said about making 5% progress on several vs 100% progress on what really matters to me drove it home. What am I missing out on, if I took the former path? Being just so-so? I don’t like being just good enough — I want to be really good, so that definitely cleared things up for me!

    Something I also want to explore is how I can have goals that work off of each other synergistically, so doing one also benefits the other (maybe in that way, I can sneak in an extra goal!), a concept I read from this article, “Bullish: How To Make A Career Out Of The 10,000 Things You Want To Do”.


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