Take Control of Your Personal Brand

Earlier this year, I hosted a workshop on Amplifying Your Personal Brand, together with a friend who was formerly president of the Northern California Business Marketing Association.

(If there’s anyone who knows about building your personal brand, it’s her!)

We did two immensely helpful exercises to define and build our personal brands.

Persuasive, personable, bold

Here are the exercises we did:

1. Identify your top three adjectives.

Choose the top 3 adjectives you want people to use to describe you – especially when you are not in the room, and they’re making decisions that could impact you.

For example, your adjectives might be: capable, smart, determined, insightful, visionary, and so on.

If you need ideas to get started, reach out to trusted friends, past managers, or colleagues, and ask them to describe you. You might be pleasantly surprised by what they’ve observed.

2. “Train” people to describe you using your three adjectives.

Once you’ve identified your three adjectives, think about how people perceive you today. What three adjectives would they use?

Compare those to your goals. What are your gaps? What’s holding you back from being described in the way that you want?

A person’s perception of you is not just about what you say; it’s also about what you do,  how you act, and the results you deliver.

For each of your three adjectives, what is one action you will take to help others begin to see you as that adjective?

For example, if one of your desired adjectives is “confident” – you might take a class to polish your speaking skills, or consciously practice techniques to help you be confident and be seen as confident.

What do you want to be known for?

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