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Take Control of Your Personal Brand

Earlier this year, I hosted a workshop on Amplifying Your Personal Brand, together with a friend who was formerly president of the Northern California Business Marketing Association.

(If there’s anyone who knows about building your personal brand, it’s her!)

We did two immensely helpful exercises to define and build our personal brands.

Persuasive, personable, bold

Here are the exercises we did:

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She’s Geeky 2015 – Taking Charge of Your Career

Last week, we did a She’s Geeky session on “Taking Charge of Your Career“.

Most of the questions centered on two themes: 1) How do I decide what to do? and 2) How do I advance in my career?

Here are some of the answers and tips we discussed. Thank you Ines for taking notes!

1. How do I figure out what to do, and where to go next?

Here’s a technique I learned from Michelle Florendo at UC Berkeley’s Women in Leadership conference last year.

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Lean In – Taking Charge of Your Career

A week ago, Michelle Florendo and I had the privilege of hosting a lively online Office Hours session for Palo Alto Lean In Circle.

The session was called “Taking Charge of Your Career“, and we answered questions on figuring out the right career, landing that coveted project or promotion, how to find mentors and sponsors, breaking into the inner circle, and making a great impression on senior leadership.

Most of the participants granted us permission to share their questions – here are our notes from the session.

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